Our Story

Increasing the chatter about causes that matter

Chatty Tees Australia is increasing the chatter about causes that matter. When people talk, it galvanises action. That’s why we created Chatty Tees. We want to help charities raise the support they need to continue the good work they do in supporting our communities and environment. We make it easy for charities and organisations to spark meaningful conversations about their cause with our fun, creative and hassle-free merchandise sales service.

Charity Partners + Chatty Tees + Community = Chatter that matters

Merchandise sales is an effective way to connect your community of supporters to your cause and increase the chatter about the issues that matter. One of the biggest barriers we find to fundraising and building awareness through merchandise sales are the resources required. We remove those barriers with our no cost, hassle-free merchandise design and sales service. Chatty Tees sells merchandise on behalf of charities and donates the profits back to their cause. We’re all about creating chatter that matters, with less fuss and drain on our Australian charities.

“We aim to be Australia’s most trusted, supportive and effective charity merchandise sales platform.

How Chatty Tees Works


We partner with amazing Australian charity and non-profit organisations that are doing good, supporting our communities and protecting our environment.


We make it easy for charities to sell merchandise online, without the worry and hassle of costs, admin or logistics of merchandise sales.


Send your community of supporters to your dedicated online store on the Chatty Tees website. They purchase your fun merchandise. We donate $10 of every product sold to your cause.


Your supporters wear or use their new merchandise and it sparks meaningful conversations about your cause. It sends a ripple of chatter into your community.

How We Started

Chatty Tees was created by Michelle Stewart, a graphic and web designer on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast. It’s a forward-thinking region with environmental and community values at its heart. As a designer, Michelle has worked with many local charities and community groups to design branding, campaigns and event collateral. Through this experience, Michelle witnessed the amount of effort, time and frustration that charities face when raising awareness and fundraising for the important service they provide to the community.

The people who work in charities are all stars in Michelle’s eyes. She wanted to find an easier way to improve their fundraising efforts and leverage their resources so they can focus more on the good work they do and less on the time and cost intensive fundraising strategies. With a bit of research and after many conversations, Michelle discovered that most charities didn’t have an online merchandise store – but not for lack of interest. They simply don’t have the budget, skills or resources to manage one. Michelle started Chatty Tees Australia to combine her skills in design and merchandise sales with her passion to support Australian charity organisations. Chatty Tees is a friendly, local merchandise design and sales service for charities, donating profits back to local causes.

Start some chatter that matters! We make it easy for Australian charities to sell merchandise that gets people talking.